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E-mega is a Online Store of Mega Heaters

Mega heaters (PVT) Ltd is a manufacturer of industrial and immersion heaters and was established in 1976.

In the initial years, the company has focused on manufacturing immersion water heaters for the use of households as it only focused on the consumer market. Over the period of time with our experience and the recognition we received, the company has moved into the industrial sector and finally grown to become the industry leader in manufacturing Industrial Heating technology.

With expertise and the new technologies, the company has diversified its product range from immersion water heaters to industrial heating elements including, oven elements, oil heaters, air heaters, cartridge heaters, steam boiler elements, defrost heaters, heating plates, mica strips, and band heaters, tubular heaters, kettle elements, water boilers, warmers, milk warmers milk pasteurizers, rice boilers, temperature controllers, and thermocouples, etc..

From our entrepreneurial spirit, which began in 1976 as a self-motivated project and the brand name, MEGA was sealed. The major scope of activity of Mega Heaters (Pvt) Ltd was the production of immersion and industrial heaters.

We launched www.emega.lk to sell our products to our customers online and make it easy for them to buy from us. We also provide them with convenient payment options and fast delivery services so that they can enjoy their shopping experience with us.


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